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Achieve, Inc. provides in-home services to children and adults with developmental disabilities. In-home services include: Respite, Habilitation and Attendant Care. Any parent or guardian wishing to request any of these services from Achieve, Inc. can call Jessica Richards at 520-579-8824 ext. 101.

  • Respite: This service offers short-term supervision in providing relief to families and/or guardians of a person with developmental disabilities. Supervision is provided either in or outside of home.  Respite services must be requested at least 48 hours in advance. For emergency respite, the request must be made by voice contact with Jessica Richards at 520-579-8824 ext 101. Achieve, Inc. provides respite coverage up to 12 hours in a 24 hour period per individual request.
  • Attendant Care: Attendant Care is provided outside of Day Treatment and Training (DTA). Attendant Care allows certified staff to assist individuals with developmental disabilities to remain at home or participate in community activities and may include assisting the person with developmental disabilities with personal hygiene, daily living skills activities, maintaining safe and sanitary living conditions and planning and preparing meals.
  • Habilitation: This service provides a variety of interventions such as habilitation therapies, skills development, behavior interventions and sensor motor development and is designed to maximize the functioning of persons with developmental disabilities. Habilitation services provide training in activities related to routine household maintenance as well as essential activities to meet personal, physical and social needs, and enhance the ability to perform self-help skills, physical mobility and adaptive living skills.

*Please note – Matching providers with the family is an important and personal process.  Achieve, Inc.  strives to deliver services as soon as possible and providing the proper match may take up to a month.


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