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Achieve, Inc. provides an After School & Summer Program for youth ages 8-15 years old.  Hours generally run from 9am to 1pm with Respite services offered before and after hours. Achieve, Inc. is continually looking for ways to include the children we serve in the surrounding community. Inclusion programs have been formed in partnership with the Community Extension Program through the Amphi School District and Northwest YMCA.  The summer program is a great way for adolescents with developmental disabilities to continue to build their social skills and interact with community peers.

For young teenagers/adults ages 16-22 years old, who are interested in developing and building work skills, we offer a Group Supported Employment (GSE) program, operating from 8am – 4pm. GSE offers an introduction into the workplace and provides a solid, comfortable platform for individuals to launch into new, professional skills. Participants learn and gain vital information about becoming an employee, resume writing, interview skills, and are offered the opportunity for volunteer and paid work. We have two locations that serve the summer work program: Prince and Ina.

If you do not see an After School & Summer Program that fits your needs please feel free to give us a call. Our goal is to serve our families in the community as best we can and accommodations will be made if possible.

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