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Welcome and congratulations on your possible, future internship with Achieve!  We currently have five Adult Day Treatment and Training sites and two vocational training sites that we operate year round.  These programs are open Monday through Friday from 8:00am until 3:00pm with respite provided before and after hours.  Staff schedules vary from site to site. Group Supported Employment (GSE) is an ever expanding program supported by our Job coaches.   As a Job Coach, your scheduled hours depend on the needs of the employers and participants utilizing GSE.  The following timeline is an outline to demonstrate the evolution from intern to paid employee.  Transition from internship to employment will depend on your development, reliability, and completion of required documents and certificates.  Wages are based on experience, professionalism, completed training, and available positions.


= annual wage and position review if applicable to; Site Coordinator, Site Supervisor, Site Back Up, Site Job Coach, Lead Job Coach


= 60 day evaluation, demonstrates industry competencies, review of open positions i.e. Job Coach, Direct Care, One-on-One staff, set schedule, wage review, and benefits with 40hrs/wk


= successfully processed paperwork requirements, completed 30 hrs in Supervised Internship, independently utilizes workplace competencies, 30 day evaluation, wage of $8/hr


= Job Shadow 30 hours, establish personal effectiveness and academic competencies

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